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  1. Benefits of Installing Frosted Window Films

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    The glare and heat of the sun coming through your glass windows or walls can be very irritating at times. But now you can put an end to this day-to-day suffering by installing frosted window films. With the glare and heat being blocked out by these frosted films, you can now enjoy the beautiful view of your garden landscape outside. These stylish self-adhesive films do not only give creative vision but also privacy and aesthetic value to your property.

    Energy- saving

    Frosted window film is the latest adhesive technology that has become very popular among designers and architects. The film can be easily applied to any smooth glass surface such as in glass walls. It works to cushion or subdue the glaring light from the sun outside to provide a soft and cool lighting inside. The adhesive frosted window films allow light to be filtered but minus the heat. Application of window frosting on an otherwise see-through glass walling will also effectively save energy when the air conditioning unit is switched on.

    Provides privacy & security

    Frosted window films can also be used to create privacy and security. This is perfect especially if the glass fittings on windows and doors are made of clear glass. They can also serve well as practical alternatives to drapes and blinds, especially with the decorative frostings. Glass that had been applied with frosted films, especially the quality ones, would appear like they are factory-frosted glass from a distance. But frosting costs would represent only a tiny fraction of the actual cost of factory-frosted glass.


    Versatile product

    Frosted window films are very versatile. They can also be used extensively for other applications. They are available in various colours and designs, from plain to decorative. You can apply borders for your films when you lay these out on glass surfaces. You can also choose a different pattern or image that you have in mind. You can even customize the design according to your particular requirements.

    Frosted window films come in a full frost or a light frost which allows shadows to be visible. Because of its adaptability, it can be an additional renovation tool that can produce a totally new and amazing look once applied. In fact, you can spruce up your space by applying the film on certain glass fittings in your house. Alternatively, you can install plain glass as a space-enhancing material such as divider or partition for a wider space and apply frosted films with your desired pattern or design. 

    Easy application

    Frosting a plain glass is very inexpensive and easy to apply compared to factory frosting. In fact, you can even do it yourself if you have the skills and willingness. You don’t also require heavy tools or equipment to operate in applying these frostings. However, special care should be taken in applying the frosting. This is because the films are of such value that errors in installing should be avoided. But this is not something to worry much as most film deliveries would certainly come with detailed instructions on proper film installation.


    Hire the Experts

    If you don’t have the expertise to do it your own or you just wish to enjoy the luxury of watching while they are installed, you can search for a reliable provider to install the frosted window films for you. Usually, a service provider will send one or two specialists to do the job, depending on the volume of work to be done. We recommend that you allow the experts to do the work for you. They likely have taken much effort and time both in training and actual work to perform a job well. Most service providers have experienced personnel who will do the job for you. This shifts the burden of workmanship to them.

    If you are a designer, a homeowner or a businessman planning to achieve a new look for your home, store or office, then consider what frosted window films can do. With the many patterns and design templates you can choose from, you will definitely find a design that’s amazingly suitable for your renovation. Frosted window films are very versatile. They will not only achieve a total makeover of your space. They will also enable you to discover new functionality and utility for areas which you may not have thought possible with clear glass. You can have all of these possibilities with the least disturbance and lesser cost.


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