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Manufactured from multiple layers of polyester film, safety and security films are applied to glass to form a heavy-duty, high tensile barrier.

This helps to hold shattered glass together and minimises the risk of injury by flying shards of glass in the event of breakage. This is one of the best ways to retrofit a security blanket on the windows of a building to provide substantial protection for people and property from the dangers of broken, falling, flying, shattering or exploding glass.

The Benefits of Safety & Security Window Films:

All  3M Safety and Security window films are applied by accredited installers, with installation requiring an exacting preparation of frame, glazing gaskets and glass surfaces.The  3M Ultra Micro layered Security Films superior tear resistance is the standout feature of the technology. However, it is more than just its tear resistance that gives  3M Ultra its superior performance. Security film performance is about managing and absorbing energy from events such as bomb blasts and flying projectiles (rocks) etc.  Below is an explanation of the key material properties that dictate performance.

3M pioneered technology
-  Patented micro-layers
-  Up to 42 laminated layers
-  Ultimate tear resistance
-  Unique adhesive system
-  Absorbs energy effectively Equivalent to thicker films or laminates .

All film comes with a lifetime warranty for residential application and 10 year commercial warranty

Security Window Film