Office window tinting is something more and more businesses are investing in, and for good reason. Tinting your office windows is an effective way of improving your employees’ working environment. Plus, it offers energy-saving benefits.

Here is a quick look at some of the reasons why tinting your office windows is a great idea.


Energy Saving

Tinting your windows can help to filter out some of the sun’s energy, stopping your office from turning into a greenhouse.

If your office sees a lot of direct sunlight during the summer months, and you have large windows, then you could find yourself needing to run your air conditioning for the entire working day. This will leave you with a huge energy bill.

Purchasing tinted windows will help to cut that air conditioning bill, and will keep the office comfortably cool during the day. This will also improve worker productivity and boost morale.



Many tints act as a kind of one-way mirror. People on the outside of the tint cannot look through to see what is going on in the office, but people inside the office can still look out of the window and enjoy the view.

This is a good idea if you have a ground floor office because it will stop nosy passers-by from distracting your employees by peering through the windows, and will ensure that no-one accidentally sees something that they should not on your whiteboards or on the computer screens of your employees.

Corporate espionage is something that every company should be concerned about, and it’s amazing the kind of stuff that people leave lying around on the desks of their offices.


Reduced Glare

Even modern flat-panel computer screens are highly susceptible to glare, and this can be distracting and cause headaches and eyesight problems for your employees.

Instead of buying lots of screen filters for people, consider tackling glare at the source.

Invest in a window tint that will filter the light from the sun and make it softer. This way people won’t have to worry anymore about irritating glare and reflections while they work.



A lot of commercial window tint providers offer a special form of security film that offers protection from broken glass.

This film, if combined with double glazing, will add an extra layer of safety and security to your office, ensuring that if your windows do get broken you won’t have to worry too much about shards of broken glass flying everywhere.

Naturally, a tint film can’t stop a determined person from smashing your windows to break in to the office, but even a small layer of extra protection is useful.


Preventing UV Damage

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause damage to the items on display in your window. If you plan to use the same stuff on display for a long time then it is a good idea to use a solar window tint to protect those items from damage caused by ultraviolet light.


Types of Tint

There are many different kinds of tint on the market today. You can use simple frosted tints, one-way mirrors, or solar guard UV tints that filter out the ultraviolet light and act a little like sunglasses for your windows.

Safety films can help to prevent shattered glass from going flying if a hard object hits the window, and there are other window tints and films that are more decorative in nature. Some films serve as “graffiti guards”, and others can have promotional messages printed on them.

The best thing about commercial window tints is that they can be removed and replaced at any time. So if you decide you no longer like your current tint you can simply replace it.

After installing a tint, do not clean it for the first 30 days. Once those 30 days are up, simply use a soft cloth soaked in a conventional window cleaning to wipe the tint down and keep it looking just like new.

Tints can last for a very long time. So if you pick a tint that you like, you will find that it is a great investment that will serve you well for a long time.