You can make your office more beautiful and inviting with a simple application of practical and decorative window film. This revolutionary product comes to us from Asia. Now it is available worldwide in a vast array of designs, patterns and colours.


There are hundreds of standard options to choose from, along with custom designed possibilities. When you have this gorgeous product applied to glass walls and windows in your office setting, you can transform your workaday world into a comfortable and peaceful work environment.

If your employees have been bothered by curiosity seekers looking in on them in their glass walled cubicles and offices, they will no longer feel as if they are on display.

Window film brings a host of benefits to your business at affordable prices.


Amazing Savings and Value with Window Film

Long ago, etched glass was the mainstay for privacy in offices. Like all glass, it was breakable, dangerous when broken and a hassle to replace.

Today, you can choose a much more durable and affordable alternative. Window film is quite inexpensive and easy to apply to interior glass surfaces. The choice in textures, patterns and colours is very impressive, indeed. Your office will be far more attractive to employees and clients alike with any one of the beautiful choices that are available.

With window film you can enjoy a wide variety of looks, such as: frosted, stained or etched glass and a variety of colours. You can also get window film that provides complete privacy and/or a one-way vision feature.

You will be amazed by the authentic appearance of the patterns and styles. For example, you can get a crystal style film in either a frosted or dusted style. There are lots of patterns to choose from, and if you change your mind and want a new look later in the future, you can always switch out.

In fact, there are some types of window film that are designed to be quite easy to remove and replace as frequently as you like. This is a boon for businesses that offer seasonal specials.


Decorative Window Film – The Perfect Touch for Your Office

Consider the possibilities! Aside from exterior window treatments, you could use office window film to add privacy to your conference room, cubicles, offices, decks, patios and break areas. Separate your store or shop area from your offices and/or lobby with an attractive glass wall featuring a good looking window film treatment.

There’s something for every business. On the off chance you are not able to find exactly the style or colour you want, you can also custom order this excellent, versatile product.

Have your window film designed especially for you with your business logo, lettering and any graphics you desire.


Window Film is Practical and Beautiful

High quality window film can protect the interior of your business and its belongings from sun damage, burglary and natural or man-made disasters.

The application of sturdy window film will help block out UV rays that can cause damage to your office furnishings and carpeting. Additionally, it strengthens your window glass so that it can resist breakage from intruders or flying debris.

In fact, it is so strong that it can resist bomb blasts and other explosions.

In very hot, sunny areas you can choose window film that is especially designed for sun control. It comes in shades that range from clear to complete blackout. This specialized product will block almost all UV rays.

Additionally, it is designed to block out about eighty percent of solar heat that usually enters your building through the window glass.

Even as it deflects the heat and damaging rays of the sun, it allows you to see out your windows while providing you with privacy.


Innovative Window Film is Recommended by Contractors and Other Building Professionals

Every day we see more and more businesses installing practical, attractive, affordable window film. Experts in the construction profession such as architects, general contractors, glazing contractors and glass contractors all recommend the use of this smart, practical product. It is also an environmentally friendly choice in that it helps reduce the use of natural resources by boosting the energy efficiency of your window glass.


Points to Remember When Selecting Window Film

  • Think about whether you want to deflect heat from the sun or retain interior heat.
  • Think about whether or not you want the sun’s heat in the winter time. If so, choose a removable film that you can take down in winter and put up in summer.
  • Think about how you want the film installed. Will you do it yourself or hire a professional? The latter is usually preferable because you can be sure of a proper seal and the best looking results.
  • If you do decide to make it a DIY project, time it correctly. Apply the film early in the morning or late in the afternoon so that excessive heat will not bungle your results.

Why not look into installing the window film of your choice in your office building today? You are sure to be pleased with your exceptionally wise purchase.