Window films are becoming quite popular in Canberra, Australia as well as its surrounding suburbs. People are eager to have their windows tinted because of the many benefits it brings.



Cooler Interior

Window tinting helps to cool your home interior by minimising heat transfer through the windows. If you’re too dependent on air conditioning, it may be time to consider other options. Since window tints can greatly help lower indoor temperature, you will rely less on your fan or air conditioning system. This will result in big savings in your electricity bills.


Protect Your Property

The other important benefits include protecting your valuable possessions such as furniture, electrical equipment, curtains and flooring materials. This will help to enhance the lifespan of these possessions and thereby help to save money in the long run.


Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer

Window tinting has many other important benefits other than the aforementioned. It will help to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your home. This is helpful in reducing the risk of certain skin cancers. UV rays are linked to many types of skin cancer. The Cancer Foundation of America has recommended certain window films as a means of reducing skin cancer risk.


Reduce Glare

Window films also help to reduce glare while watching TV or using a computer inside the house. With glare reduced or eliminated, you’d enjoy better your favourite movie or sport on television.


Window Tint Installation Process

The price of the tint will depend on the type of window film chosen for the project. It is always best to hire a professional service provider to perform the job for you. Don’t indulge in the job unless you have the required knowledge and skills to complete the project. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money. Here’s the basic installation procedure:

  • Thoroughly clean of your windows
  • Measure the window
  • Cut the film allowing for an additional 3/4 to one inch margin on all sides
  • Expose the adhesive coating of the product
  • Spray a wetting solution on the adhesive coating to activate it
  • Smooth out bubbles and imperfections
  • Paste the film with the adhesive side towards the window


It is best to have a friend support you if you are doing it by yourself. If not, the film could get stuck to each other. This should be done with extreme care or else, you are losing your valuable money in the process. Even though the do-it-yourself installation will cost less than a professional job, the services of a professional is still preferable as they ensure your time and money are not wasted.


How Much Will It Cost?

A do-it-yourself project will cost around AU$5 per square foot while hiring a professional service provider will cost between AU$15 and AU$25. The long term savings potential is always high when you select a professional service provider for the job. Unless, of course, you are well experienced and knowledgeable in installing window films.

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