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SolarGard’s Ecolux offers your home an exclusive state-of-the-art low emissivity (Low-E) window film that delivers year round energy savings and comfort through its combination of superior solar control properties and unique coating.

Applied internally to glass, these advanced technologies keep the sun and ambient heat out in summer, while in winter the special 
Low-E coating works to reflect the radiant heat back into the room.

You’ll be reducing energy usage and keeping you home cooling and heating costs down. Installing Ecolux onto your glass can increase your insulation ability by 88%*. It’s like double-glazed performance at a quarter of the price.


This product is new to Canberra and perfect for our unpredictable weather patterns and chilly winters.

Benefits you can expect:


Pool Windows

See links below for more information videos about SolarGard’s Ecolux.

*88% insulation improvement based on annual averaged R-value calculation. Annual averaged U-value calculation is 47% improvement (6mm Single pane clear glass).