Advantages of having double glazed windows in your home are no great secret. Heat loss is drastically reduced with their insulation, while heat from the sun outside does not send interior temperatures soaring either. But some traditional drawbacks are addressed very effectively by double glazed film.

Strangely, while the technology behind double glazing is well established, using film to achieve the same effects is:

  • Extremely simple
  • Very affordable
  • Easily managed

For millions of Australian homes, the benefits are too great to ignore.

At ACT Light Control, we have observed a greater degree of interest in the cost-effective alternative to double glazed windows. It’s an interest fuelled chiefly by inhibiting costs involved in getting such window systems installed, but there are several other reasons, too. Overall, double glazed film proves to be a better option than double glazed windows.

Key Advantages to Using Double Glazed Film

So what are the advantages to choosing film over double glazed window systems? Film seems to be a temporary solution, but research confirmed the benefits are not only as good but often outlast.

Cost – this is the most obvious advantage to double glazed film over double glazed windows. Prices can vary, of course. But in Canberra where we at ACT Light Control are based, it’s difficult to find a double glazing service that doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars.

For example:

  • 4 sq ms, like sliding doors can cost over $3,000
  • 4.5 sq ms, like large windows (4 or 5 panes) can cost around $4,000
  • 1 sq metre, like small bathroom windows can cost more than $1,000

When a homeowner chooses film, the same area noted above costs just a fraction.

Energy Efficiency – the benefit of double glazed windows are rooted in its energy efficiency, accomplished by the space between two glass panes (usually about 19mm). The insulation effectiveness of double glazing can:

  • Depend on theclimate zone you live in.
  • Reduce heat loss by about 54% generally.
  • Achieve rates of 70% with further investment.

But double glazed film can deliver similarenergy efficiency all year round, keeping:

  • 46% of radiant heat back inside during the winter.
  • As much as 60% of ambient heat out in summer.

All for a lower price, insulation can improve on single glazed windows by as much as 88%, which:

  • Saves money on heating and air conditioning costs;
  • Lowers energy consumption to make your home greener.

Installation – another obvious advantage is the degree of effort required to install films. Window systems require at least a two-man team to:

  • Remove your existing single glazed windows;
  • Replace them with the double glazed version.

One alternative involves:

  • Adding a second window behind the existing frame;
  • Creating a kind of double glazing.

But this too requires considerable effort and investment. Whatever the method, the project is time consuming.

But double glazed film is easy to install – so you can do it yourself. All you need to do:

  • Use double-sided tape to carefully apply the film to your window frame’s interior. This creates   a few centimetres’ gap between the glass and the film.
  • From a hairdryer, use warm air to shrink the film to thoroughly seal the tape and remove creases and wrinkles.

Lifespan –Energy bill savings may be true for several years with your investment on double glazed windows. But these windows cannot be repaired which means:

  • The slightest crack can cost full replacement fees.
  • At least $1,000 each time.

Conversely, films are simply plastic sheets and when applied on the existing window frame’s interior, any damage (like a short slit, cut or even a pinhole) done requires only a replacement.  The cost of repairing the ‘double glazed’ aspect of the window is small.

  • Tinting – to get these double glazed film benefits requires buying tinted film and applying it to glass. This means a little more cost (though admittedly not very much), but why accept that when double glazed film offers everything.

The advantages include:

  • UV protection, with 99% UV rays deflected
  • Increased natural light in the home
  • Solar heat reduction
  • Solar glare protection for greater comfort
  • Better protection for interior furnishings from fading

Double Glazed Film from ACT Light Control

For 20 years, we have been serving Canberra and the NSW southern area. In that time, we have seen:

  • Considerable window technology development;
  • Significant advancements made in window tinting products and options.

No doubt double glazing offers genuine advantages to homes and the environment, but at a high initial investment that can take years to recoup.

Since the introduction of double glazed film, that financial output has dramatically reduced without affecting positive impact. We have been supplying the highest quality window film (tints and double glazed) products, so all of our clients – whether residential or commercial – can get the best.

Yes, our film products can be applied by our clients themselves. But if necessary, our skilled team of experts can do the job, allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty on all residential applications. We always work closely with clients to ensure that the right product is selected to address their specific needs.

For more information on what we offer, whether it bedouble glazed film or other ranges of frosted or solar window tint films, simply check out our website.  Contact us through our online enquiry form or call us on 0422 173 804.