DIY commercial window tinting may seem to provide an ideal, adequate and cost-effective solution, however, it could result in some unexpected negative issues. One primary consideration is that a professional provider is familiar with the variety of tinting regulations and any regulatory standards applicable to different cities in Australia, such as its capital Canberra. Now, keeping that in mind, we can make some more comparisons between the DIY route and an expert installation.



The DIY market is generally recognized for its affordability. However, in this highly competitive and low cost demand industry, the film quality in some do-it-yourself kits is questionable and not comparable with the established grade used by professional window tinting companies in Canberra.



While you can tint windows with your own resources, you should also question whether the end result will achieve the perfect results you require. It is highly probable your windows will display streaks and bubbles, which is not a great look and a waste of money. Experienced professionals possess the knowledge, equipment and materials provide the right finish, first time.



As we mentioned in our previous post that how important to tint your windows at home this same goes apply with your commercial establishments. The purpose of commercial window tinting is to provide protection to your home or business from UVA and UVB rays, the strong Canberra summer heat, which helps to greatly improve customer and employee comfort thus contributing to productivity.  



Peace of mind with a product or service is always a benefit and when employing a professional window tinting service, you receive a guarantee on the materials and workmanship provided. Therefore, if there is an issue regarding the completed work, it will be rectified at no charge. The DIY option has no such safeguard; if there is something wrong with the end result, you must remedy it at your own expense.



As with any type of service or product where you have a choice whether to take the professional route, or the cheaper DIY method, what seems initially cost effective can turn into a money guzzling monster if something goes wrong.

From the reasons that we mention how it allows you to save more money tinting your office as well as it can boost productivity, tinting windows can give you savings estimated at about 15% of your energy costs, attained by blocking radiant heat, meaning you shouldn’t have to use air conditioners as often. Therefore, paying for professional is more than justified in long-term financial savings.



Environmental, atmosphere and health benefits are all achievable with appropriate tinting. In addition, it helps protect furniture against fading and interiors as it reduce heat of the sun coming and reduced glare. Depending on needs and legal considerations in Canberra, films used in commercial window tinting are available that increase the privacy of your space.



A do it yourself commercial window tinting installation is not as simple as it’s made to look by the professionals. Admittedly, whilst DIY kits can be less expensive than a qualified professional installation, the kit can only be used once. Should a mishap occur with the first kit, you must remove the applied film; purchase a new kit and start again, without any guarantee it will work better the second time. For more money saving tips that having your window tinted check our previous post – Window Film Big Value Savings.



DIY tinting is an operation that requires particular care so as to avoid scratches on your windows. The presence of dirt and dust can present significant issues. A single speck of some residue, on either the window or film could ruin your window tinting installation. Dirt can become trapped and cause wrinkles or bubbles in the film, compromising the finished appearance and performance of the tinting material, as well as affecting the window.



By hiring a qualified professional, you eliminate various issues associated with a DIY commercial window tinting installation. The professionals in this area know which films go with which windows. Accordingly, they offer you sound advice that will help you make the best film tinting choice and investment in your home.



Their trained expertise combined with experiencemeansthe installation will be efficient and effective and if there are issues after installation, you are protected by the guarantee. Another factor to consider is that professionally installed commercial window tinting in Canberra has a longer lifespan than DIY jobs, with fewer concerns.

Continue reading in why you should hire a window tinting experts as we detailed why hiring a non-professional window tinting is bad idea.


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