Do you run own a commercial space that has a disproportionate amount of windows? When the rays of the sun comes through into your office area, it can warm up every room, causing you to spend thousands of extra dollars every a year to keep your employees cool.

There are many ways to remedy this situation including the purchase of awnings, retractable shades, or even curtains that can be drawn across each window. However, a more cost-effective solution which will also allow you to see the beautiful landscape outside is to get your windows tinted. Although tinting windows is traditionally thought of in regard to cars and windshields, commercial window tinting is also available for businesses to help provide a more productive and comfortable environment.

This article discusses the benefits of having commercial window tinting done that will help you save money on utility bills, or through a more comfortable office atmosphere.

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Solar Window Tinting

One of the primary reasons for window tinting is to protect employees from UV light. Reports have been shown for decades on how exposure to UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. Not only will this type of tinting provide a cooler atmosphere inside, it provides health benefits for all of your workers that are positioned near windows. If you have a significant amount of employees that are on the west side of your building which will get a substantial amount of direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day, it is one of the best benefits that you can provide your workers, as well as a money-saving solution to high utility bills that you may have during the warm summer months.


Protection from Broken Glass

Although many people will relate window tinting to simply darkening the windows, or protecting employees from excessive heat exposure and UV light, if there is ever an incident where windows are broken from the outside in, it can actually protect workers from cuts from broken glass. The film that is used on the windows provides an extra layer of protection, somewhat similar to an extra layer of skin on the glass. When the glass is shattered, the shards will be stuck to the film, preventing it from shattering onto your employees. This is a safety feature that should be installed in most offices, especially those at the lower levels of a building where multiple employees are positioned near glass windows or partitions. This added form of protection is going to be beneficial at saving employees from injury, or even fatalities.


Save Thousands on Utility Bills

Although we have mentioned that it can provide a cost effective solution to saving money on cooling the interior of your office, it should be noted that for a larger area, the cost savings is actually exponential due to the square footage of the office space. If you have a smaller office, or individual cubicles that are situated apart from the main office space, the savings will be minimal in comparison to open office cubicles that are positioned in a wide open area. The upfront cost of paying for the tinting will be offset within a few months’ time simply because it will lower your utility bills significantly.


Protect Office Furniture from Interior Fading

Other things that are protected from the sun’s rays are office items, such as sofas, chairs and even desks. It has been shown that you can extend the life of office furniture by decades if it is protected from direct sunlight. Fading can occur very quickly, and once it has begun, the value of your furniture diminishes rapidly. You can offset the potential costs involved with replacing this furniture by having commercial window tinting done right away.


Metallised Window Tinting Film

There is a very modernistic high-end procedure that is applied to window tinting called metallised window tinting. The addition of exotic metals such as titanium, silver, gold, aluminium, and even copper can provide even more protection than regular window tinting films. This technology is relatively new, but is slowly gaining popularity with high-end businesses. It has been shown to double energy savings in some cases, especially in areas with an extremely warm climate. You may pay several thousand extra dollars for this type of tinting, but within a few years, it will pay for itself many times over. It will add to the protection of your furniture, lower your energy bills, and most importantly, protect your employees even more from dangerous UV light.


Panorama Window Tinting

Although most window tinting is visible and obviously darker in comparison to windows that do not have tinting at all, you can actually get all of the protection from UV light, and prevent sunlight from overheating the interior of your office area by using panorama window tinting. This is becoming more popular than ever because it is virtually unnoticeable depending upon the type of film installed.

This will allow you to enjoy the outside scenery unimpeded by the darkened version of what is really outside. Obviously, this will be a little more expensive, but it gives a more pleasant atmosphere within the office area itself. It will also save on your electricity bill for the lights inside your office during the day because it is providing optimal protection from heat and UV light without the darkened appearance. This brief overview of the many benefits of commercial window tinting should help you make the best choice that suits your needs and budget.