If you own a business or work in a commercial space you understand that there are certain times when some areas are off limits due to direct sunlight streaming in through the windows.  This can be rather inconvenient if the windowed area overlooks a conference room, busy office zone or lobby with expensive furnishings.

One method of preventing this aggravation is by installing commercial window tinting.  Not only will commercial window tinting make your office space more accessible, but it can provide numerous other benefits – all which are discussed in this article.



1. Reducing indoor heat

Glass has the ability to both radiate heat and increase the intensity of the UV rays from direct sunlight.  By utilising commercial window tinting you will significantly reduce the sun’s rays from creeping into your office space and cool down the interior.  This will also allow for the thermostat to be adjusted in order to compensate for the cooler environment, thus reducing an overall electricity expense.  In fact, the installation of window tinting has been known to decrease overall expenses by up to 80%.


2. Increased aesthetic appeal

Commercial window tinting has the ability to improve the appearance of a commercial building, and aesthetic appeal is highly significant in obtaining clients.  By tinting the windows you present a professional image rather than showing cluttered desks and half-drawn blinds.  The customers will see a sleek, unified look which can be associated with an efficient service.

Tinting can also improve the aesthetic appeal within an office as many conference rooms have glass walls.  Commercial tinting is an effective means of adding privacy and style to these office areas.  It should also be noted that you can imitate etched glass using window tinting.  This allows you to display your company logo at a much lower cost and present a higher degree of professionalism to various stakeholders.


3. Privacy and security

Certain companies require greater levels of security when compared to others, such as banks and other financial institutions.  By tinting the windows, these commercial facilities will benefit from both the increased privacy and security keeping the assets and clients’ details safe.  Medical facilities can also benefit from commercial tinting as patients often feel more at ease knowing that tinted windows are giving him/her some needed privacy.  Furthermore, window films greatly reduce the impact of vandalism, crime and severe weather as the tinting increases the strength of the glass.


4. Furniture protection

Commercial window tinting reduces the exposure of items to direct sunlight, which also protects these various items from sun damage – as was mentioned above.  It’s common knowledge that direct sunlight has the ability to damage furniture, particularly fabrics. By reducing direct sunlight exposure you are extending your furniture’s useful life.  This will also reduce any maintenance costs, thus will save you money in the long term.

It can be highly inconvenient if sunlight shines through windows onto working individuals at certain hours during the day.  This can affect not only their physical comfort, but also their productivity.  By installing commercial window tinting you will remove any difficulties these individuals may experience restoring physical comfort and convenience.  This will lead to increased productivity as the workers are happier in their environment.


5. A variety of options

Nowadays, commercial window tinting is available in a plethora of designs and styles.  To increase the aesthetic appeal of your property, ACT Light Control will work with you to choose the most suitable film for your needs.  The options currently available include variations of frosted, decorative, printed, coloured and translucent tinting.

Commercial tinting can be obtained from various online companies; however, ACT Light Control offers some of the most effective tinting solutions on the market.  In addition to offering the best tints for your needs, ACT Light Control also offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all applications.

As can be seen, commercial window tinting can be highly advantageous for your office space.  It is highly recommended that you take this information and contact ACT Light Control for a free measure and quote today!