Residential window tinting has become quite popular within the region of Canberra, Australia and its suburbs. Heat reduction is one of the most obvious benefits of residential window tinting. Apart from that, a window film can help to protect your valuable possessions such as furniture, curtains and even the flooring of the house. This article highlights the five most important benefits of residential window tinting.



#1. Heat Reduction and Energy Savings

If your home is uncomfortably hot, you may be forced to use air conditioning all the time. This consumes a lot of energy. The problem is easily fixed by installing window tinting. The right type of window tint can dramatically lower your home’s interior temperature. This makes you less dependent on air conditioning, thereby drastically reducing your energy bills.


#2. Protects Furniture and Valuables

One of the leading culprits of fading your valuables and furniture is prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. If you are to keep these valuables intact, the best thing to use is a window film that has a high percentage of UV light rejection capability. Many new window films can block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


#3. Provides Sun Protection

Ultraviolet light can also affect your health in a negative way. It is considered one of the major risk factors of skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation in America has recommended several types of window films in order to prevent sun induced skin impurities.


#4. Improves Home Safety

There are some window films that offer additional benefits such as shatter-resistant qualities, which will no doubt help to improve the security and safety of your property as well as the lives of your loved ones. This type of window film is able to hold glass shards together while acting as a barrier between the glass and the interior of your house.


#5. Reduces Glare on Computer and TV Screens

Window films also can help to reduce the glare of your television while you are watching a big game. This is another important benefit of residential window tinting. This is why, the majority of the residents in Canberra are searching for the best service provider to tint their residential windows. The lower the amount of light that is transmitted through the window film, the greater will be the glare reduction inside the home. Even though a darker film will offer more privacy and glare reduction, a clearer film will offer a more natural view of the window. Darker films usually have higher values where reflectivity is concerned.

The window tint application process and the type of film chosen for the application will finally decide the price of the window film. You can either do-it-yourself or get a professional to install the window film for you. You should not choose the former option if you are not 100% confident and don’t have the required experience in installing a window film. The best thing is to get a professional service provider in Canberra to install the window tint for you.

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The company use only high quality window films in tinting windows and doors of buildings. They offer a lifetime warranty on all residential applications and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all commercial applications. This will ensure complete peace of mind to the buyer. The company is the only 3M licensed agent for the Canberra region and the Southern New South Wales (NSW) region. ACT Light Control are licensed to install and supply all 3M products such as decorative, solar, security and Fasara products.

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Use these tips when selecting a professional window tinting service provider in Canberra, Australia.